Thursday, October 25, 2012

Intimate Enemies

Intimate Enemies (Covert Affairs #1)

Intimate Enemies
Author: Joan Swan
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)
4 out of 5 Stars


Six months after the mysterious yacht explosion that killed Cassie Christo’s mother and stepbrother, authorities still have no answers to the cause. Searching for closure, Cassie returns to her childhood home on the Pacific Coast of Baja, Mexico, where she launches her own investigation into the accident. She never expected to find an adversary in the man who had once touched her heart with kindness in her darkest moment.

Rio’s been fantasizing about reconnecting with Cassie for months. But not here and sure as hell not now. As an undercover agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he’s working the biggest sting operation in all of northern Mexico, and he definitely doesn’t have time for the wild attraction he feels for Cassie.

Not only is his cover on the line, so is his heart. Because as the end of a yearlong operation draws closer, Rio knows if he tells Cassie the truth about who and what he is, it won’t only jeopardize his mission, it may result in him losing her forever. And if he doesn’t, his lies and deception could get them both killed.

My Review

I think I am on a action/romance novel kick.  It seems that is all I have been reading lately.  In this book you have an awesome strong willed female character with a bit of a troubled past.  What I loved about this book was Cassie travels back to her home after he mothers death to boot out her stepfather.  The attitude and brass she gives him is awesome!  When she sets her mind to something look out because she is going for it.   Then she meets Rio who is her stepfathers right hand man, but what she doesn't know is, he's an undercover agent out to take down her stepfather.  Of course there is the romance aspect where she is totally crushing on Rio but that doesn't stop her from obtaining her goal and taking her stepfather down.  I really enjoyed this book, it has a great story from beginning to end. 

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