Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dancing With Deception

Dancing with Deception (Avery Family Saga, #1)

Dancing With Deception
Author: Kadi Dillon
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)
4 out of 5 Stars


When Rebecca Channing promises to hide a mysterious painting known as 'The Dance' for her estranged father, she wants only to gain an ounce of affection from him. Instead, she finds herself running for her life, trying to elude two brutal men who will stop at nothing to catch her. Rebecca has to keep them from taking the painting—and her life.

Cornered on a pier, and feeling desperate, Rebecca leaps into a moving boat. She's safe, but for how long? The ship's captain, Gideon Avery, won't let her jump ship and Rebecca is trapped. Gideon is as hard and ruthless as any sailor, but he offers to help her when no one else will.

He whisks her away to his island and his family takes her in, giving her the love and affection she'd been denied all her life. Her pursuers, however, are relentless. Soon, it becomes evident that the painting was only a cover and what they really want is Rebecca.

With time running out and the thugs hot on their trail, Rebecca must fight to protect those she has come to love and her heart.

My Review

This was such an entertaining read and it was hard to put down.  Rebecca is such a great character.  Rebecca is abducted by men who are after a piece of artwork her father gave her.  After she escapes she ends up on a boat, Gideon's boat.  Gideon has no idea about Rebecca but is compelled to help her.  Rebecca has secrets about her family especially her father, the con artist.  Rebecca was raised by her parents, and even participated in her fathers cons with him.  Her adventure with Gideon to find her father and save herself from being killed over a painting is action packed.  This was such a fun book to read, not too serious and not to romantic.  I can't wait to continue the Saga.

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