Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: The Replacement By Rachael Wade


 This is probably one of the most controversial books I have read in a while. I abhor reading and or knowing about cheating. It gets under my skin more than anything else and that is exactly what this story is about. Now the thing that blows my mind is how Rachael was able to get me to like a character that does things the just piss me off. I loved the main character. Even though, lets face it, she was a SLUT, and the worst possible person to have as a friend, but some people just have the worst things happen that make and mold them into people they really don't want to be. I can only imagine writing about a character whose main talent is screwing men, married and in a relationship intentionally. That is what she does, but it gives her purpose. I loved every page of this book, and would recommend it to everyone.

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Cover Reveal: Six Months By Dannika Dark

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Fox Hunt By S.M. Stelmack

Fox Hunt (The Femme Vendettas #1)
Delta Fox, what a name, sounds like a code name but nope, that is the chicks name. I really liked this romantic suspense story. The beginning you are placed in the middle of a situation that has already happened, pretty much starting in the aftermath of a crime. Delta has been accused by a mafia family of killing someone, of course which she didn't. Her partner who was a part of the crime, has put her in danger just by being associated with him. In her attempt to flee and hide, she gets picked up on the side of the road by Brian. Wholesome, good guy, and always taken advantage of by women, takes pity on her and decides to help her. Of course Delta's secretive background and her kick ass persona makes her much more tempting. Both characters have smarts and skills to thwart those after them. With this story filled with more action than romance, it keeps the story rolling and filled with anticipation. I liked that it has a story with substance and not all sex, but drama too. Mystery, action, adventure, romance, I mean what else do you need for a great story. I look forward to more adventures from this series. Enjoy!

A Taste For Killing By HK Sterling

Title: A Taste for Killing
Author: HK Sterling
Genre: Adult Mystery/Suspense 18+
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Short Blurb:
Mystery and Romance blend together when competing detectives Carolyn Woods and Jack Heart find they are surrounded by murder on every side.

Long Blurb:

Mystery and Romance blend together when competing detectives Carolyn Woods and Jack Heart are both hired to solve the murder of Pete Wallace, only to realize they are working the same case. To complicate things, Carolyn and Jack have an on again-off again relationship. Then there is Evan Jones, a handsome architect— but he's also a suspect. Can Carolyn manage to solve the case as more and more murders pile up? Will her relationship with Jack hinder their investigations? And what about Evan Jones? He seems like the perfect man, but could he actually be the murderer? One thing is for sure: someone close to both Carolyn and Jack has A Taste For Killing.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fire & Ice By Rochelle Maya Callen

Fire and Shadows is the SEQUEL to Ashes and Ice.
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Book Description:

Secrets. Silence. Sacrifice.

Jade is only beginning to unravel her own secrets. Facing fate, a murky past and a brutal inner battle, Jade must become what she fears without giving into the darkness.

If she doesn't, the world will be devoured by Fire and Shadows.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review: Dark and Stormy By Felicia Starr

The sisters of the Sacred Hearts Coven gather every month with one intention, to ignite a flame of passion into one lucky person’s love life.

Regina’s work is her driving force. She strives to be the top of her game, but there is a large thorn in her side—Reddick, her apparent nemesis. His confident and somewhat arrogant persona makes her blood boil, but as the saying goes: there is a thin line between love and hate.

Will a touch of magic have Regina opening her heart to the unknown? Or will she run from this storm only to be crushed by her greatest fear?


Dark and Stormy is one of those pleasant reads that hits you unexpectedly. When I first started I thought "this is one of those typical romance stories", but it wasn't. I found myself engaged and immersed in the story. It has a cute and enticing quality that hooks you. The story line, was mixed with paranormal qualities but taking place in and under normal circumstances. I liked seeing the interactions between the characters and enjoyed their story from start to finish. It was a quick read which helped getting the story going straight to the point without dragging. I look forward to further stories from this author. Enjoy!


The thunder cracked against the dark night sky. The loud booms had Regina jumpy and on edge. Reddick pretended not to notice, but he snickered to himself at her childish reaction. He always saw her as a hotheaded workaholic, but there was something innocent about the way she reacted to the storm. Whether they got along or not, he didn’t mind the way her cherry-red heels carried her across the sales floor.

Felicia Starr Author Picture


Author Felicia Starr lives five miles from her favorite Jersey Shore destination with her amazingly supportive family. She loves to spend time creating special memories with her husband and two young boys
Everyone expected her first publication to be a cookbook, but her love for writing has surpassed her love for cooking.

Felicia graduated magna cum laude from Kean University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a post baccalaureate in elementary education. She is a licensed real estate sales person, a certified yoga instructor, and most importantly, a stay-at-home mom.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: Shine The Mageri Series #5 By Dannika Dark

In the short span of a year, Silver has gone from becoming a Mage to discovering the truth about her unique genetics. Logan Cross went from her mortal enemy to her immortal lover, but a threat is fast approaching like an inevitable storm. Attacks are underway against the Mageri and one man is behind it—an elusive foe who is an unstoppable force. Nero is not Silver’s only concern as someone close to her is arrested for treason. In the midst of chaos, Silver discovers she cannot protect everyone from the wrath of fate, including her own Ghuardian.

Justus finally opens his heart, but an unexpected turn of events could darken his soul forever. Secrets are revealed that will leave you reeling from one twist after the next. Would you sacrifice everything for love?

Destiny has set sail and once she alters her course, no one’s life will ever be the same in this explosive conclusion to the Mageri Series.


The finale of Dannika's The Mageri Series was a slam dunk. Although I missed some action that is normally heavier in earlier books, Shine is a perfect example of wrap up and send you away happy. Being a hug fan of Justus and Silver, I was happy to see each walk away with what they should have. Not to give any spoilers, but there are definitely some shockers, and sigh worthy moments that will just keep you reading more. Silver definitely kicked ass in this book and showed her true meaning of being a Unique. Tears were shed with the loss of one of my favorite characters, Knox. The only true disappointment for me was Christian. I don't like how it ended with him. Hopefully if there are any spin off stories, we might see more of him.

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