Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Fox Hunt By S.M. Stelmack

Fox Hunt (The Femme Vendettas #1)
Delta Fox, what a name, sounds like a code name but nope, that is the chicks name. I really liked this romantic suspense story. The beginning you are placed in the middle of a situation that has already happened, pretty much starting in the aftermath of a crime. Delta has been accused by a mafia family of killing someone, of course which she didn't. Her partner who was a part of the crime, has put her in danger just by being associated with him. In her attempt to flee and hide, she gets picked up on the side of the road by Brian. Wholesome, good guy, and always taken advantage of by women, takes pity on her and decides to help her. Of course Delta's secretive background and her kick ass persona makes her much more tempting. Both characters have smarts and skills to thwart those after them. With this story filled with more action than romance, it keeps the story rolling and filled with anticipation. I liked that it has a story with substance and not all sex, but drama too. Mystery, action, adventure, romance, I mean what else do you need for a great story. I look forward to more adventures from this series. Enjoy!


No good deed goes unpunished.

Brian Chanse, self-diagnosed adrenaline junkie and all-round good guy, is driving through a freak rainstorm in New Mexico when he takes pity on a hitchhiker. Little does he know that his passenger has loads more problems than mild hypothermia. It turns out that ex-cat burglar Delta Fox is running for her life. Why and from whom, she doesn’t know, but the answers lie in her old stomping grounds in L.A. After Brian outmaneuvers the Yakuza in a high-speed car chase, Delta appreciates his talents but resists his offers of help. When the Yakuza threatens his staff, however, Brian insists they team up. So begins their partnership into the L.A. underworld, into a twisted place of murder and seduction, betrayal and revenge. Between her stealth skills, his stunts and their compulsion to watch over each other, they just might survive the hunt.

About The Author:
S. M. Stelmack is our pen name, short for Serge & Moira Stelmack.

We aim to give what we like in a story— gutsy men and women, high stakes and LOL lines. Serge is the storymaster who blasts out the beginning, middle and end. Moira comes behind, clucking and hemming, as the story undergoes countless rewrites till it meets our vision. She's also the media relations manager, senior editor, marketing VP, director of operations (domestic and foreign), comptroller and the one who makes sure that Serge has a steady supply of cola while he works.

We live with our two kids, and several other strange pets, in a land of wintertime sunshine and snow and summertime mud and mosquitoes. Actually, it’s not that bad. The snakes in the local lake aren’t venomous.

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