Review Policy

Hello and thank you for considering me to do a review.  At this time I am currently accepting author reviews of fully-edited books. I generally read YA or Adult fiction, paranormal, sci-fi, romance, paranormal romance, and fantasy. I will accept a print copy for review, but I do most of my reading on a kindle. I do reserve the right to decline a review if I believe my review will negatively impact the sale of your book. Book reviewing is as much of a passion for me as writing is to a writer, therefore my reviews will always be professional and constructive. If you are interested in a review, email me at . Please include the title of your book and a brief synopsis of your book in the body of the email. Also, provide the following information.  Has your book already been published? If so, is it available as an ebook and/or print?  If it has not been published, when is the approximate release date?  Any books given to me for review will not be shared or given to any other persons.

*Feedback time depends upon the length of the book and if I am currently working on other reviews.

*I post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and Dark Night Reads Blog.

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