Monday, January 14, 2013

Queen of Shadows (A Novel of the Shadow World)

Queen of Shadows (Shadow World, #1)
Queen of Shadows (A Novel of the Shadow World)
Author: Dianne Sylvan
Adult Book
Paranormal Romance
5 out of 5 Stars


Overwhelmed by her uncanny ability to manipulate people's emotions through her music, Miranda Grey comes to the attention of vampire lord David Solomon. Believing he can help bring her magic under control, David discovers that Miranda's powers may affect the vampire world too...

My Review

This book was awesome. It had just the right amount of action, suspense and romance that all came together in this wonderful package called Queen of Shadows. One of the most enjoyable things about this book was the author never really let you know what was going to happen. It was all surprise down to who the villain was, to if the main characters would end up together, and where the story would go after the first book. I liked that Dianne has her main female character, Miranda, who started off weak and unable to fend or take care of herself, to this tough female without the help or guidance of a male. Very inspirational that women can overcome and better themselves on their own. Powerful. This is a great beginning to what looks to be a potentially addictive series.

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