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Malevolence (The Legacy #2)

Malevolence (The Legacy, #2)
Malevolence (The Legacy #2)
Author: Devyn Dawson
Older YA Book
(Amy’s Review)

Rumors are flying among the supernatural world, the vampires plan on going public with their secret of existence. Abel Casey has hit the ground running as the Great Wolf. He has matured as both a man and werewolf, juggling both with finesse and ease. Chrissy is ready to take their relationship to the next step, but will Abel agree the timing is right?  A trip to Paris, proves to be more than a vacation for Pru and her mom Dolly. Pru and her new bodyguard Gus, become instant friends, touring Paris' famous Père Lachaise cemetery and vampire museum together. They find themselves face to face with vampires and Allie's new love Pascale. Oakley is less than enthusiastic with someone else protecting the love of his life Pru. The supernatural world is growing by leaps and bounds, and the Great Wolf will face decisions that will change relationships forever....

This is the second book of Devyn Dawson’s Legacy Series.  I enjoyed this book more than the first.  It had more action and suspense to it.  It was exciting to see Abel show more “Alpha” instinct in this book.  In the first book he was very unsure of his abilities.  Abel and Pru grow so much as characters in this book, they both are put into situations that require them to show their strength and leadership abilities.  Abel and Chrissy are not my favorite couple.  There is just something about her that puts me off, I will have to wait and see where the story goes with her.  I liked Gus, who becomes Pru’s bodyguard and it helps force Oakley to step up and show his feelings more towards Pru.  I was happy to have that *sigh* at the end for Oakley and Pru, all I can say is “Finally!”   Now, this book put me on the fence with Arien, I didn’t like him so much in the first book and I am having series doubts that he is not such a bad guy.  I see a love triangle forming involving him.  I look forward to the next book. 

Rating 4 out of 5

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