Sunday, March 2, 2014

ARC Review: Sinners and Saints By AmBear Shellea

Sinners and SaintsARC for Honest Review

I want to be a kick ass chick too. Can I just say girl power! I love these books where women need no man to save them. Smart, stubborn, motivated and strong. You have got to enjoy a story like this with characters that inspire. I love Vylette. Being able to keep your head straight when put in the situation she was in is tough, but she does a kick ass job of it. Dorrian, hmmm, the jury is still out on him. Whereas he is a remarkable man for doing the things he does for abused women, I am still questioning him as a love interest. We shall see in coming stories. Amber has done a fabulous job with Sinners and Saints. My only complaint, it ended too quickly! Action, adventure, romance and some steamy scenes make for the perfect story. I can’t wait to see where Vylette and Dorrian’s adventures lead to next. 

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Sinners and Saints.
People see the world in black and white, but sometimes in order to survive, you must live in the grey.

Vylette Echo is a spunky college student who goes from a nightmare come true to an offer she won't refuse. Join Vylette as she fights for her life and her freedom after she is jumped, blindfolded and kidnapped from the only life she knows. Another twist of fate lands her before Dorrian Buchanan, a tall handsome millionaire who deals in the buying of woman. Once in his custody, things are not what they seem. Now she knows the truth and is presented with a proposal. Whatever her choice, it won't be an easy one. The hour is upon her, she has made her decision. It is time to begin what promises not only to be a dangerous life, but if all goes well, one with many rewards, including the man who has her heart in the breast pocket of his suit.

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