Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: The Samantha Project By Stephanie Karpinske

Caryn's Review

Action-packed and captivating are the two words that I can ascribe to The Samantha Project.  What an amazing thrill ride the author takes the reader on, and in such illustrious detail!  I have to say this was an easy to follow read, which was surprising considering how many significant events take place within the books pages.  Samantha ‘Sam” Andrews is a seemingly normal seventeen-year-old girl.  Bright, pretty, dating the quarterback of the high school football team, great parents that she gets along with, Sam’s life is what her friends call perfect.  And for any high school girl to agree with that statement would be surprising to say the least, but Sam is more than content with the life she leads.  Sam’s life is then turned upside down the night that both her parents die in a tragic car accident, which to Sam, does not quite seem so accidental.  Sam learns for that she is not your typical high school girl and this book takes you through her transformation into something much more.  Sam’s abilities are awakened after she is kidnapped and experimented on, and from then on she fights to free herself from the people that did this to her.  I could barely put this book down once I started reading it.  I am so very thankful that there are more books in this series, because if there were not, I would be writing Stephanie Karpinske personally, begging her to write more.  I love a book that gives so much attention to detail, without sounding too lofty, and this book does just that.  Not to mention, I always enjoy a book with a kick-butt female character and Sam delivers just that, both literally and figuratively.  This book also carries with it an element of honesty with it.  When things happen to Sam, her immediate reaction is not one of instantaneous response, she absorbs and contemplates, and unlike many action heroes, she allows herself time to think about how she is feeling.  I really found myself applauding her character for that fact, rather than wishing she would get a move on and kick some bad guy behind.  Utterly awesome book, I am picking up the second book, The Golden Couple, as soon as I finish this review!

Samantha was seventeen when she finally learned the truth about herself; that she’s part of a corporation’s top secret genetic enhancement project. They told her she was the only one who survived the experiments. But then she meets Erik. He was raised in a lab until a scientist took him and hid him so nobody would ever find him. But Samantha and Erik somehow found each other. They share a indescribable connection that neither one of them can explain.

Their enhanced genes give them special abilities, like the ability to read minds and communicate with their thoughts. Even with their powers, they’re not safe. The people who are after them will never stop looking. But the more imminent danger is something that lies deep within their cells. It’s just one of many secrets they have yet to discover about themselves.

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