Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: Gentling The Cowboy By Ruth Cardello

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Fun read. I don't know how much more you could have packed into this book, it was funny, sad, romantic, tons of dirty talk and yea.. sex. Not many would experience how this book started but I could totally see this happening. So when Sarah takes of from Rhode Island to stay with a friend in Texas, she gets sent to the wrong ranch. When arriving and no one is there, Sarah decides to make herself right at home. Being caught in the shower by Tony, said homeowner, she mistakes him for her friends brother. Hilarious scene. From there when things go downhill for Sarah to get to her friends ranch, which happens to be more than a day's drive away, she ends up staying on with Tony to get her needed experience for writing her romance book. Desperate to find her own way in life, Sarah agrees to Tony's stipulations about staying with him, which includes, doing as he says and there being no commitment. Both having deep rooted issues, Sarah works away at Tony, and unknowingly Tony helps Sarah with her issue. The end result, sweet. This is definitely an author I would continue to follow. Enjoy.

Tony Carlton knows trouble when he sees it—especially when it comes in the form of a gorgeous, innocent and very naked blond stranger dancing in his shower. When circumstances force his uninvited guest to spend the night, Tony decides that there are some home invasions he could get used to.

Sarah Dery is a frustrated writer who takes her twenty-fifth birthday as a wake-up call. She sets off for Texas thinking that a summer on a working ranch will finally inspire her. When one wrong turn leads her into the arms of a hot, broody cowboy, she’ll discover her spicy inner voice.

But is it enough? He says he’s not capable of love. Can she gentle this cowboy?

Meet the Author

Ruth Cardello is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She started her career writing about alpha billionaires and now has expanded to rugged cowboys. She lives on a small farm in Northern Rhode Island with her husband, three kids, two dogs, and two horses. If there is a happier place on Earth, she hasn't found it.

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  1. Really enjoyed this book!!!! There was laugh out loud moments that you could just imagine it happening. I would recommend this book to everybody.

  2. I loved this book. Sexy, funny, and a little angst. Highly recommended.

  3. The author really has taken her writing to a higher level. This is a must read for true romance readers

  4. Gentling the Cowboy is an awesome book. A very sexy story. I recommend this book for you to try.