Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review: Suit and Fangs By Marian Tee

Amy's Review

Returning characters from Marian’s other series The Werewolf Prince and I, shows another side of the intense world she has created. The Caros, which are vampires but not, live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Marian does a great job with not giving you too much background on the Caros but just enough to understand their way of life. Suit and Fangs is about Caylie Sonora and her obsession with Luka. Having been friends since childhood, Luka was always there for Caylie until the day he can no longer resist her and disappears from her life. The devastation hit Caylie hard, and now she wants revenge. Hurting Luka the same way he hurt her, by breaking his heart. I liked Caylie’s determination and reluctance to be able going through her seduction, it showed strength and vulnerability making her characters more human. Luka, typical male, takes his sexual frustrations out on every other female leaving Caylie hurt and insecure. Hiding a big secret, Luka thinks he’s protecting Caylie by keeping her in the dark but only putting her in more danger. The intense chemistry between them added with the “I want you but I can’t have you”, makes their make out scenes off the charts. I’m not sure what her plans are for a series with this or just a standalone but the ending was done to which it could go either way. Personally I would like to see more. Enjoy!

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 Caros are what vampires used to be.
We are slaves to pleasure, power turns us on, and each and every one of us has a weakness to hide.

All things sparkly and beautiful are 18-year-old Caylie Sonora’s greatest source of pleasure, and no one is more irresistibly gorgeous and seductive in her eyes than the quiet and old-fashioned Luka. All the girls in school want to belong to him, craving both his body and authority. They say that behind closed doors his coldly charming manners disappear, leaving behind a guy who’d take you so hard you’d be breathless and panting for more. But if Caylie has her way, all she’d take from him is revenge, using her body to break his heart.

The most carnal of passions is the only chink in 19-year-old Luka Georgiades’ armor, but his obsession has only always ever to do with Caylie, whose body he desires to possess, in every imaginable position. The half-human Luka may be his race’s most cunning defender, with murderously precise skills and an even deadlier mind, but even Luka is powerless against fate, which forces him to hurt the girl who’s his everything…again and again.

They are each other’s weakness, and the game of love has never been so destructive.

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