Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Blood Rule By Heather Hildenbrand

Blood Rule
By Heather Hildenbrand
The Dirty Blood Series, #4
Accendo Press - August 2013
YA Paranormal Romance

My Review

Shocking, gripping, intense, dark are just the beginning of words I would use to describe Blood Rule. The tone and setting of this book is so different from the previous books in this series. I almost had to check to make sure I was reading the right book. What I like most about Heather as a writer is she can completely blow me away with her style change. Growing more and more with her creativity of the characters she creates in any story, she never leaves me disappointed. Now all you team Wes fans…boo…will be completely happy reading this because you get a lot of Tara and Wes. Us team Alex..sigh… well he makes his appearance which happens to be too brief but I hold an enormous amount of hope that he will be huge in the next book. Due to the large amount of the dark and depressing atmosphere in Blood Rule, Heather did a great job bringing in some comic relief here and there with George, Logan, Astor, and Victoria.
Heather gives you no idea on where or how this will plan out. I usually walk away after reading her stories, with a sense of completion and contentment. Blood Rule blew that out of the water completely. I cannot in good conscience as a reviewer give you any details of the story. You need a complete blank and have no pre-sense of what is going to happen while reading this. The build-up is the best part while reading Blood Rule. I think a lot of her readers will be shocked and surprised reading it due to the dark nature of the book. I think it’s a great beginning for the final show down between Tara and Steepe. Enjoy!

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