Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tour Review: Paradox By Robyn M. Pierce

By Robyn M. Pierce
Novella Adult Romance 18+ 


They knew from the beginning it was wrong.

Everything in her life pointed her away from him.
Everything beckoned him toward her.

When Rachel met Taylor, their connection was immediate and undeniable. With so many things in common, these friends found themselves falling inevitably and too fast to stop. There was but one thing that was between them:
Rachel had a boyfriend.

A year after parting ways, Taylor’s and Rachel’s individual lives have thrust them back toward one another, and the resulting fireworks will leave more than one person burned.(

Caryn's Review:

The question that has plagued many a mind and even kept this reviewer up numerous nights pondering the answer: in terms of relationships, is it better to stay with someone who you are comfortable with, who knows the inner machinations of your heart or leave for someone who challenges you and excites every fiber of your being?  This question is the primary focus for the book’s main character Rachel.  Rachel is a young woman comfortable in her relationship with her live-in boyfriend Josh, until she encounters Taylor, a man who both excites her and shares her video gaming and hookah smoking interests.  While she denies the fact of her attraction to Taylor to both her boyfriend and to herself, she has no choice but to look inwardly at what she truly wants when Taylor threatens to remove himself entirely from her life.
This book addresses a relatable topic that resonates well with the audience.  One can find themselves relating easily to some of the issues Rachel encounters in terms of her feelings for two men.  This book, however, needed to be so much longer.  I found myself questioning why the author decided to cut certain scenes short, rather than further develop both the characters and the plot.  Mostly, I found this book to be painfully predictable and too casual of a read.  At times, I felt as though I was reading a long, but well written blog.  This book has such a good foundation, but I just felt as though the rest was thrown together too hastily.  Even the short “sexy” scene left me wanting more, just as I felt Rachel herself was in that scene.
Overall, I give this book props for connecting with the audience on a subject that is both easy to relate to and one that makes the reader look back on their own past experiences.


Turning on my heel, I went back to my laptop and plugged my earbuds in. I ignored his
attempts to rekindle the conversation as I turned the volume up.

Facebook dinged at me as soon as I pulled the page up. It was Taylor.

T: Hey.
R: Hi.

Ugh, I thought. Two words exchanged and my mood is instantly better. I grew concerned that
Josh might be right in being worried about Taylor.

T: How are you, pretty lady?
R: Sigh. Just got into an argument with Josh.

I probably shouldn’t have told him, but if talking was going to make me feel better, why not?

T: Oh? What about?

I hesitated before typing

R: …You.

It took him a moment to respond, during which time I glanced at Josh. He was playing his
game and bobbing his head to music that played from his headset. So you turned music up, too…

We’re so similar, I thought.

A ding brought my attention back to my computer screen.

T: Really? May I ask the topic? More specifically than just arguing about me, I mean.
I could imagine his boyish grin and chuckled. I typed slowly, trying to figure out what to say.
R: He thinks you are only having me meet your friends so you can show off what it
yours. That all guys do it because he does it. I think he’s ridiculous.

Taylor was quiet for another few minutes.

T: Is he really such a caveman that he has to mark you as his?

Before I could reply, he continued.

T: Or does he have reason to believe you need to be marked?

My heart raced at the thought. Was there a reason for Josh to feel as though he had to claim
me as his? The only other interested person was Taylor, and I had no intention of going down
that path.
So why did my stomach do flips at the idea?

R: Not that I know of.

I wasn’t lying. There was no reason to lie to Taylor, and I honestly didn’t think there was
anything for Josh to worry about.

T: Good. I would hate for your nature to be compromised over me.
In my head, he sounded teasing. I smiled.
R: Like you could ever do something that would ruin my nature. You definitely aren’t
someone that could make me a worse person than I already am.
T: Oh? I could never influence you, huh? (P.S. You aren’t a bad person, even though
you seem to think you are.)
R: You know me well enough to say that?
T: I think I know you better than anyone else, if I’m being honest.

My heart skipped and I chewed on my lower lip in thought.

R: What makes you think that?
T: When you’re with me, you’re light as a feather. Every photo you have has a weight
added on your shoulders. You hardly smile, and when you do, you look like you’re
forcing it. When you’re with me, you breathe. You smile and laugh and you don’t seem to
worry about anything.
R: So you see all that, huh?
T: Not just that. I see your heart when I look into your eyes, and as beautiful as your
eyes are, your heart is even lovelier. Your soul is painted red – your favorite color, I’ll
assume – and you are full to the brim with passion for life.
R: Stop it, lol… You’re just guessing. Flattery gets you nowhere.
T: Think what you want, Madame. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s what I see when
I look at you.

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