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Indie Spotlight: Dracian Legacy by Priya Kanaparti with Dean Bonus Scene and EBook Giveaway!!!!

Check out one of my top 5 favorite Indie-Author Priya and her fabulous series Dracian Legacy!
Because I am so syked about this series I am giving away one EBook copy of Dracian Legacy via Amazon. All you have to do is leave a comment below of your favorite Indie Author or favorite Indie book. That easy! Giveaway ends on July 1st. Please make sure to leave your email in the comment or if you would rather be private you can send me your email after you've left your comment below to thebookdiaries@gmail.com  Good Luck!!!!

Dracian Legacy
Author: Priya Kanaparti
Older YA Book
Paranormal Romance
5 out of 5 Stars


Ren and Axel are caught between two powerful magical races: one destined to end the bloodshed, the other out for vengeance.

Seventeen-year-old Ren Pernell is prophesied to end the war between the Dracians and the Telalians. So when a Dracian, Axel Knight, is sent to find and bring back the prophesied one before she turns eighteen and Telalians discover of her existence, unexpected sparks start to fly between the two. Once Ren finds the truth behind Axel’s arrival, she wants everything to do with him and nothing to do with his mission.

Things prove to become difficult as Ren’s life is constantly threatened by the Goarders, humans who sold their souls, a Proxy Succubi, and the leader of the Telalians, who has been searching for her as well.

With the clock ticking and Ren’s life in jeopardy, it is no longer just a mission for Axel. It becomes a personal endeavor to save the only one he’s ever loved. In a heart racing ending, they must find a way to evade the preordained war that won’t also end Ren’s life.

Dracian Legacy (Dracian, # 1)

Amazon buy link for DL: http://www.amazon.com/Dracian-Legacy-ebook/dp/B00BFECT1I

Goodreads DL link: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16007175-dracian-legacy
Goodreads Dracian origins (DL#2) link: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17302634-dracian-origins
Goodreads Dracian Sacrifice (DL#2.5 <-- book in Dean POV) Link: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17930788-dracian-sacrifice

My Review

Where to begin?  Ok, this book was awesome. I loved the story idea. It was so creative and original and refreshing to read about something new and exciting The Dracians. Priya has outdone herself with her first book. In no way does this book speak "new author". Priya writes with experience and it shows with her story of Dracian Legacy. Priya's characters are so love-able, and entertaining. The way she writes brings a realness about them, and its easy to become attached to a character. My favorite thing about this book is the thoughts Ren has, she is hilarious. Everyone can relate to the things to what she is thinking. To describe Ren as a character would be loyal, courageous, self-sacrificing, and headstrong. Dean I believe is the most misunderstood character. He surprised me at every corner even with his stupid male ego. Axel is a mystery. Just when you think you've got him figured out, we find another secret. I think we will learn a lot more about him in Dracian Legacy #2.

"You look super cute when you get all worked up.
If it weren't for that razor-sharp tongue of yours,
I'd suck that cuteness right out of you."  -Dean

 In her book we meet Temperence, aka Ren, who is an ordinary teenage girl, so it seems. Having lost her parents a year ago, we see the rebuilding of Ren's life without them. Her brother, Joshua, is her guardian and to me is the example of the brother we all want or wished we had. Ren meets Alexander, aka Axel, while visiting her parents grave-site. That night is when Ren's world is knocked of its axis. Creatures called Goarders, aka bad monsters, attack Ren and Axel, leaving Axel to make a big decision, tell Ren about who he really is and his world called Dracia. From that day on, Axel is all Ren can think about, and realizes she has an intense pull for him. Dean, one of Ren's best friends and certified "asshat", sees Ren's attraction towards Axel and decides now is time to make a move. Thus creating our love triangle. Both guys pull feelings from Ren and has to choose. Just when Ren gets her man, revelations come out. Ren is not what she thinks she is and neither are the people she loves and cares about most. Ren has to learn to protect herself from the evils of Dracia and now become the savior they all need her to be, oh and graduate high school as well. When the battle comes, Ren will have to survive ultimate love and loss and say goodbye to her old life.

~Continue for Bonus Dean POV~

 ~Dean POV~

The day couldn’t get any better, I benched two hundred sixty-five pounds and my teammates were over the moon as they should be.  I strutted into the cafeteria with a new found smugness that probably hung over my head like neon blinking signs.

I didn’t care.

Haters could hate.

Nothing was going to bring me down.

        As usual, my worshippers surrounded me and started to make excessive noise announcing my grand entrance. What could I say? I deserved to be waited on the ground I walked on.

        “Trying to lose weight there, porkie?” Landon  barked.

        Yeah, yeah. My gaze flicked on him but only for a second as I sought for her. Ren. My Nellie. She sat cozily between our group of friends and that Alexander Knight.

        A single thought about that butt-wipe was enough to boil my brain senseless.

        Landon and Hunter tried to smack talk. What neither understood was, I was the king of my domain and I held no boundaries. I ruled my land in a very diplomatic way.

        My way or my way.

        The bond that tethered between Ren and me stirred to something she said. “Aww… Jealousy is cute on you, gorgeous.” I said and closed the distance between us. Wrapping my arm around her shoulder I pressed my lips to her temple. She tensed, but didn’t pull away. And I lived in the moment.                                                                                                                                           

        “You’re such a turd.” Ren tried to insult me.

        Hey, you can’t insult a guy that already accepted the truth.

        Shaking my head, I loosened my hold on her when she shoved me playfully. Then the high-ass prince wrapped his arm around my girl and I just about lost my fucking mind. He pulled her to him in a gesture I took as the bird. And dude, nobodyI mean nobodygives the king the bird. Axel must’ve had a death wish. That was the only explanation. Or he was fucking nuts to mess with my head like that.

        The temperature in the room thickened to a point that the static sizzled in the air. My blood pulsed in my temples and I could feel the slow building fire crackle inside me. I barely heard Pey asking Ren about some trip and packing and shit. Right now, I didn’t give a fuck.

        My target was this asshat, who thought he could put his fucking arm on my girl. It didn’t matter I hadn’t asked her to be mine yet. I didn’t have to. She was mine, would be soon anyways. It was just plain and simple.

        “Don’t even think about it, rookie.” Axel commanded in my head, his eyes on my twitching fingers.

        Right now I didn’t care, although everything inside me fought like hell to obey my general’s command. In my peripheral vision, I saw Tyler, Trinity, and Marcus ready themselves to step between us if needed.

        “Typical.” I scoffed. Axel lifted his brow in response. “I see you fight your battles. I feel safe already.” Insert big-fat-sarcasm.

        “Don’t,” he growled. “I don’t want to fight you.” he added in my head.

        Well, boo-ha, tough shit. Reeling in my fire element, I grabbed the chair, Hunter was about to flop down in and flung it at Axel. The coward used his air-freaking-element to shove it back in my face. I stumbled back, falling on my ass, a sting thrummed on my forehead.

        Real-manly asshole.

        Soft fingers grazed my head and my pulse quickened. Fighting hard not to look at Ren, I keep my intimidating glare on Axel.  Because, if I did look at her and she asked me to grovel at his feet for forgiveness, I was afraid, I might do just that. Screw pride when it came to her wishes. Of course, right after, I’d pull the butt-wipe’s legs right from under him too as payback.

        “That’s strike one, rookie,” Axel said, his muscles working along his jaw.

        “What the hell did you do, Dean?” Ren asked, her fingers tracing across the sting on my forehead.

        I continued to glare at Axel.

        “We need to talk.” Ren grabbed my hand when I didn’t respond.

        Axel took a step toward her and I felt quite proud of my girl when she put him back in his place. “Alone.” Then she shoved a honey lathered knife slowly, deeply into my strong, yet sensitive and delicate heart when she turned to soothe him.

        To my pleasant surprise, insert more sarcasm here, he kissed her to make sure to send a message to me that my girl belonged to him.

        I scoffed.  

        “You, caveman, let’s talk.” Ren stalked past me.

        I wanted to thump at my chest and say, me caveman, you my woman. But thought that wouldn’t fit my character much. Okay maybe it did. A little. Regardless, I followed her into the girl’s locker room.

        “What the hell was that?” she asked, pointing in the general direction of the cafeteria.

        My eyes darted behind her and back. Did being with that douchebag also kill her brain cells? I raised my eyebrows. “A mirror.”

        She glanced over her shoulder and her body tensed. Okay maybe bad time to joke. Well, too fucking bad. I was pissed.

        “Ha, ha! You’re a total jerk.” She swatted at my chest. It tickled. “Why did you attack Axel?”

        “Do I need a reason to punch a rich spoiled ass?” I smirked, not even caring to hide my annoyance. “Besides, I’m the one bleeding.”

        She disappeared into the bathroom and returned few seconds later. She hiked on her toes and pressed the cold wet paper towel on the gash.

        Shit, that hurt. I locked my jaw and took it like a man.

        “Dean, if this is about Friday… That should never have happened.”

        Rage pulsed through me. It had nothing to do with Friday and everything to do with the fact we belonged together. Couldn’t she feel it? The bond? “Is it that disgusting you can’t even admit we kissed?” I yelled, losing my façade. “Do I sicken you that much?” I hated how weak and pained my voice sounded.

        “Don’t you dare blame this on me, Dean. You’re three frigging years too late.”

        I winced. This couldn’t be happening. She couldn’t seriously throw that in my face, when all I was trying to do was protect her!  

        “Just because someone else is showing interest in me, doesn’t give you the right to—”

        “To what?” I was surprised at how soft my voice turned. I was fucking pissed and it’d do no good to yell like a madman. I leaned in, fighting hard not to kiss her, but my heart had a different agenda. Just as I leaned in to close the deal, a group of giggling girls walked into the room. I growled. “Beat it, now!”

Why did everything had to be so hard. She was my best friend, she used to be my partner in crime, and now…? “Are you afraid of me?”

        “No,” She whispered.

        Don’t say it.

        Don’t beg, Dean.

        “Don’t choose him,” I pleaded.

        “Why not?” Her eyes burned with anger and pain. “Why should I not feel wanted and loved?”

        I love you. I wanted to scream in her face.

        “He’s good for me, Dean. And I like him. A lot.”

        My entire world froze. How could someone fall for someone so quickly? It just wasn’t normal. But then again neither of us were normal. After what seemed like an eternity, I let out a heavy sigh and tilted back my head.

        AHHH! I growled and swung my arm to hit the wall. It hurt, but when comparing it to her rejection, this was like eating cake while walking in the park. Before I could destroy school property, Axel materialized out of nowhere and stood before Ren, like he was protecting her. From me. Was he shitting me?

        “You fucking know I won’t hurt her.” I charged at him, my hand raised in a tight white fist, anger white hot.

        Axel stood his ground, unaffected by my threats.

        “Axel, it’s okay.” Ren grabbed his forearm and pulled at him, urging him to follow her. Him! She chose him again! I slid down the wall my head leaned back, eyes closed.

        I didn’t hear her coming back when she spoke. First with anger, then concern lacing her words. “You listen to me—You okay?” she asked, her voice turned silky soft.  She slid down to sit next to me. “I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” She sighed. “Dean, I’m sorry if I hurt you. That was never my intention.”

        I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. I just couldn’t. So I stayed still. Her soft fingers cupped my face hesitantly between her hands, forcing me to look at her.

        “I love you, Dean.” My eyes connected with hers and small hope started to bloom in my chest. Maybe she was trying to see if someone else could make her feel like I could. “But I love you as my best friend.” And there was that fucking sword cutting my heart open. Maybe she’d enjoy it if I opened it and gave it to her to feast on. “Even when we were apart, I cared for you deeply. But you have to accept that I make my own choices and I don’t need another big brother to look after me.”

        “I’m not your brother,” I cringed. “You don’t even know the guy, not like we know each other.”

        “We’re dating, not getting married or having babies.”

        She ruffled my black faux-hawk with her playful fingers. I grasped her hands and placed them on my chest, where my heart beat unsteadily. She didn’t get it. This wasn’t just the bond. This heartbeat, it was my true feelings for her! Feelings that awakened when I was around her. Feelings shekept throwing in the trash.

        “Up until now, I didn’t have to worry about anyone coming between us. Now here is a spoiled rich kid, who’s been born with a silver spoon in his mouth—”

        “Nobody’s going to get between us. I’m still your best friend; you’re still mine.” She stood up, extending her hand to me, pulling me up. “I just ask that you trust my judgment, okay?”

        Trust. That meant I had to respect her choice. And she chose him.

        I nodded, my shoulders slumping in defeat.

        “But I reserve the right to beat the shit out of him if he mistreats you.” That thought was enough to almost lift my spirits. Any little chance I got, I was beating the crap out of him and enjoy every second of it. “I’m not negotiating,” I stormed out of the room.

“Douchebag,” I heard her call after me.


  1. Amy, Thank you sooo much for having on your blog! I'm sooo thankful for your support! I hope you enjoyed Dean as much as I did writing him :)lol

  2. Great Review and I love the POV post, I havent heard of this author before but I'm def adding this one to my TBR list, it sounds pretty awesome! My fav indie author so far is Janeal Falor, author of You Are Mine, its a great YA book!
    Danielle @ Coffee and Characters

  3. Dean and Axel sound like characters I'd love to get to know better! I've yet to read the series yet but am hosting Priya for the fabulous Indie/Self-Pub Event as well, so I'm excited for that.

    And as for my favorite indie author... gah! I hate just choosing one—it's like choosing my favorite book... or favorite child LOL! One of them would be Tiffany Snow who started off her Kathleen Turner series by self-publishing, but it's since been picked up by Montlake Romance. She's an awesome lady too—I love it when authors are so fun to talk with!

    Thanks so much for featuring and for a marvelous review!

    Karielle Stephanie @ Books à la Mode
    thestephanieloves AT gmail DOT com

  4. Great excerpt and review - I love ths POV. My favorite indie author is Denise Swank, author of After Math which is NA novel that I really enjoyed.

    jsididia at gmail dot com

  5. Can't wait to read this one! I guess my fav indie isn't an indie anymore since she was picked up by a major publisher, but that would be Jamie McGuire. Thanks for the giveaway!


  6. Picking a favorite author is very, very hard because there is so many! But my favorite author is Jennifer L. Armentrout. She makes her books so you have to read them and you cant stop until you finish. I'm still waiting for her next book, Frigid, to come out.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway and giving me a chance to win. Email: devinfoster37@yahoo.com