Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review: A Royal Heartbreak (The Moretti Werewolf #2) By Marian Tee

A Royal Heartbreak (The Moretti Werewolf #2)
Author: Marian Tee
Adult Paranormal Romance/Suspense
4 out of 5 Stars


Domenico Moretti used to have it all. He was prince to one of the most powerful and wealthiest Lyccan packs in the world, a warrior who made his opponents tremble in fear, a gorgeous billionaire every woman desired. Only when his wife disappeared did Domenico realize that none of it mattered if he did not have Misty's love and trust.

Misty Wall used to be a wimp, a starry-eyed fool who thought she was about to live happily ever after with the werewolf she loved. She used to think Domenico Moretti loved her back...until his lies publicly shamed her with the revelation that she was never his mate and was only ever his pawn for revenge.

When the threat of war looms closer, the alliance between non-human races is put to the test and forces the estranged couple to face each other again.

To prove that his princess means more to him than anything else, Domenico makes the greatest sacrifice, laying his pride on the line and turning his back on his destiny. Domenico had hoped for a second chance, but heartbreak may all that awaits him when Misty seals her allegiance to the promising to wed another man.

My Review:

Yea for Marian for finally writing the sequel for The Werewolf Prince and I. After that cliffhanger at the end, which still makes me cringe, I was excited to see where Misty and Domenico would end up. After Misty decided to work with the Fae, I was excited when I read she was training with weapons. Having that girl finally get tougher was one of the greatest things Marian could do for this character. Although she cries a lot, she has strength were it counts and when its needed. I liked that Marian really made Domenico suffer and work for it in this book. Men sometimes have it too easy when they have looks and money behind them. Marian's writing style can be challenging if you are one to follow traditional means. Whereas yes she switches perspective from character to character and uses third person at times, but I see where she would need that to express and show the reader all the things that are going on. Marian throws many challenges at Misty and Domenico, which makes this an emotional roller coaster for the reader full of anticipation and suspense. With the new character introduced, Lysander, I am curious where Marian will take him in her next book. 



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