Sunday, May 12, 2013

Book Review: Supernova By Jessica Marting

Supernova (The Commons)
Author: Jessica Marting
Genre: Adult Sci-Fiction Romance
5 out of 5 Stars


All Lily wants is a fresh start. A desk job in a cryonics lab, miles from home, seems like the perfect way to begin her new life. She just doesn’t expect her employers to be a pair of power-hungry psychopaths from the far future who won’t let anyone stand in their way, including their quiet receptionist.

Hauling a pile of museum artifacts in a dilapidated patrol ship, the worst things Captain Rian Marska expects to deal with are bickering crew members and a long, lonely trip across the galaxy. An Earth exhibit coming to life and claiming to be from the year 2017 is not something he imagined possible. Nor is he able to admit the feelings she stirs up in him.

When Rian’s superiors sweep Lily under the rug, they take it upon themselves to find out why she was taken from her own time and what her kidnappers want. What they discover has implications not only for them, but for the entire civilized universe.


My Review:

I was so impressed with this book and I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t gotten higher ratings. As a new reader to the Sci-Fi genre, I am relatively picky what I choose to read. This book had just the right amount of everything for me to enjoy. The "technical speech" when it came to futuristic stuff did not confuse or overwhelm me to the point that I couldn’t comprehend it, the characters were entertaining and intriguing, the romance was not overly or under done and the intimacy was not too erotic but sensual. The action and suspense was great. It literally had my heart beating at the end. Most of the action took place towards the second half of the book but the beginning held great suspense and mystery that kept you going until the action began. I am so impressed with the writing from this author and I hope she continues with another book. Enjoy!

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