Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review: Blood Moon By Rebecca Rogers

Blood Moon (Silver Moon, #3)
Blood Moon (Silver Moon Saga #3)
Author: Rebecca Rogers
YA Paranormal Romance
4 out of 5 Stars


Now that Candra and Ben have successfully entered the sixteenth century and left Alaric in the future, it’s up to them to stop Ulric and Daciana’s banishment to the Otherworld. But there’s more to this secretive past than they thought; they not only have to find the wolf that bit their ancestors, but also deal with the town witch, who has the original power to destroy them all.

My Review

I think this was the best of the 3. I loved this story. The third and final book to the Silver Moon Series in one word FANTASTIC! I am not one for historical books and I was a bit skeptical with the story taking place in the past but Rebecca did it amazingly. Can I say I was not a huge Ben fan, don’t get me wrong, he has that bad boy attitude but can be a good guy persona. I think it was the arrogance he had about him that turned me off previously, BUT I love Ben after this book. Even with his arrogance and cocky attitude he has totally won me over. I am a bit sad about the ending but it was done beautifully. I think what I liked most about Blood Moon was it not only focused on Ben and Candra’s mission to change the past but it also showed a huge growth in their relationship.This story is filled with edge of your seat action and adventure, the series is definitely not one to miss. Enjoy.

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