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CBL Tour: Blood Slave by Travis Luedke

• Title: Blood Slave (Book #3 in the series, but considered a stand alone novel)

Author: Travis Luedke

• Release Date: December 23, 2012

Genre: Paranormal Erotic, Adult Romance
       Rating:  3 1/2 Stars.

Her mother named her Esperanza de Salvador - Hope for Salvation. But when a girl works as an escort for Colombian cartel in the ghettos of Spanish Harlem, there wasn’t much hope, or salvation.

Hope’s telepathic ability keeps her a step ahead of ruin, but her unusual gift attracts the attention of a psychotic vampire bitch. Trapped in a Manhattan penthouse with the psycho, she thought she was dead meat.

Her survival lies in the hands of Vampire Master Enrique. He seems to respect her, perhaps even care. As a measure of protection, he makes her his personal Bloodslave. Helplessly addicted to his bite, Enrique rules her every moment. As always, Hope must adapt to survive.

Swept into the decadent nightlife of Manhattan's elite, she falls in love with Enrique and prays someday he may grow to love her, too. But is it simply a relationship of convenience? Is she nothing more than a concubine desperate to satisfy his nightly demands for blood and sex?

And forever in the background is the fear that one day the cartel boss she abandoned will hunt her down to collect on old debts.

My Review:

Blood Slave is a dark story about Hope, a 22 year old woman from Columbia who has been used and abused by both men and women since the age of 14. Having the gift of telepathy, she has always known what people are thinking. Having this gift has made her very good at her job, an escort. She knows just what her customers want without them even telling her. Having this gift also makes her very valuable to her employer, Faustino a drug cartel member, being that she is able to tell when people are lying or deceiving him. On a typical night, Hope is waiting for her next customer to arrive, Lia, who just so happens to be a vampire. At the end of the night when Lia attempts to use impulsion to make Hope forget ever meeting her, she finds that Hope is immune to her powers. Immediately becoming a threat to the vampire race, Lia takes Hope back to her master, Enrique, for help with what to do with Hope. Lia wants permission to kill Hope, needing violence to sate her urges, but Enrique has other plans. Hope becomes a blood slave. Someone who is used for feeding purposes only to a vampire. Becoming a blood slave makes you addicted to their bite, and needing the venom daily to survive. Against her will Hope has become a prisoner, stuck being addicted to a master vampire. Having to live and serve as not only blood slave for Enrique, Hope has also become a sex slave for both Lia and Enrique and his personal assistant using her gifts of telepathy to find deceit in his company. As months go by Hope has become not only more addicted to Enrique but she has come to love him but the love is not returned. When Enrique has to leave on business, Lia has become responsible for taking care of Hope while he is gone. Lia is finally able to do the one thing she has always wanted to do, get rid of Hope for good. After torturing Hope for days by not biting her, Lia turns Hope back over to her former boss, knowing they will kill her. After days of being raped, tortured and beaten, Hope escapes back to Enrique. When she returns Lia is there, and the winner of this fight will determine Hope’s fate and future.

Blood Slave is a dark tale about Vampires, prostitution and survival. This is the third book in Travis’s Nightlife series, but is able to read as a standalone since it does not follow the series. Although this is not the kind of story I normally read, I did enjoy it. Blood Slave is dark, racy, dramatic and raw. It is not a light hearted tale, Twilight lovers beware this is not for you. When I am asked or I tell someone about Travis’s books I describe him as the Steven Soderbergh of writers, this is a compliment. Travis has the ability to write a story that is entertaining and disturbing at the same time. His characters all have some kind of tragic past and is the reason for who they are in the story. I have found that some male authors that write from a female perspective don’t hit the mark as true. Travis did very well, the emotions and descriptions used are very believable and helped you relate and understand the character. I think Travis will do very well with his series with the right target audience.
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