Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stilettos INC

Stilettos, Inc. (Stiletto Girls, Book 1)

Stilettos INC
Author: Lexi Ryan
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)
5 out of 5 Stars


Humans with special abilities are vanishing, and empath Paige Sykes and her Stiletto Girls are on the case. Paige hopes the investigation will bring the Specials home and provide answers about her mother’s long-ago disappearance, but sexy government agent Darian Lorring wants her off the case and he continues to get in her way—and in her bed. How can she trust what she feels around Darian when his ability allows him to project emotions and physical sensations? How can she trust any man when her ex appears tied to attempts on the president’s life?

My Review

This book was so awesome. Move over Charlie's Angels, here come the Stilettos. This was one of the most entertaining reads I have read in a while.  It is so light, and easy that it makes it almost impossible to put down. There are so many different things happening in the story which would normally make it confusing and hard to keep up with but Lexi does is perfectly. I cannot wait until book 2.  
Book 1 is about Paige, who seems to be the main girl, leader of the group.  Although each female brings her own power and strength to the group, Paige has a magnetism that brings them all to her. Right off the bat in the first chapter we have action and a bit of steam. Love it! and it only continues. Paige has been recently dumped by the man who literally pulled her off the streets and saved her, Collin.  In a time of revenge and weakness, she found herself in the arms of Darian, a fellow agent. Specials, people with some special abilities, have been disappearing without a trace.  Paige and her girls have been tasked with solving the disappearances and the conspiracy against the president.  When Paige's ex becomes the number one suspect, she must put her feelings aside to solve the case.  Darian and his team are also trying to solve the disappearances while keeping an eye on the girls, especially Paige.  When Darius keeps information about the case from the girls, Paige refuses to be sidelined because of Darius's need to protect her.  The girls need to work extra hard to keep a step ahead of these guys, and when the bottom drops Paige might lose more than her heart. 

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