Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dark Light By S.L. Jennings

Dark Light (The Dark Light Series, #1)
Dark Light
Author: S.L. Jennings
Adult Book
4 out of 5 Stars


Love. Sex. Magic.

Before her 20th birthday, Gabriella was pretty much clueless about all three. In love with her best guy friend since the age of 14 and too crass and intimidating for most of the male population of Colorado Springs, love and good sex were virtually a myth.

And then there’s magic. Freakin’ magic. There’s no way that legend could have a place in her less than exciting life. So why after twenty years of utter obscurity do her adopted parents hit her with the ton of bricks that is her true identity? And how the heck is she supposed to accept all this and become what she was truly created to be?

Lucky for Gabs, sexy as sin Dorian is more than equipped to help her embrace these new revelations. And while everything about him feels oh so good, she soon learns that there’s more behind his crystal blue eyes, chiseled body and exotic beauty. Something dark, menacing and downright unnatural. Yet Gabs is in way too deep to even try to turn away from him now.

Dark Light, Book 1 of the Dark Light Series, is the raw, emotional story of a young woman’s journey of self-discovery in a world that was not meant for her. And her scorching hot, lip-biting addiction for the man she can’t deny, no matter the cost.
*Contains strong adult content

My Review

Dark Light is an intriguing PNR story of beings from Light and Dark. The story concept is original and has enough mystical qualities to keep you wondering.  Gabriella is a complex character.  She has a strong relationship with a group of friends that were her safety net through high school and great parents who have been honest with her about her adoption. Her devotion to her family and friends brings out the protective nature inside her.  When Gabriella finds out the truth about who and what she is, she finds that she is in great danger along with those around her. The same time this revelation is made, Gabriella meets Dorian.  Dorian allows her to let loose and show a side of herself that she didn’t even know she had.  Dorian becomes Gabriella’s escape.  When she is with him, all her worries and fears disappear.  Dorian’s character is the typical bad boy, but with looks, money and power. He is never made out to be the bad guy but always has that mysterious quality that keeps you guessing whether you like him or not.  The relationship between Gabriella and Dorian is a major part of the story. 
I gave this book four stars because I loved the creativity of the story, I loved the characters, and the development and growth shown throughout the book.  It was intriguing and romantic.  I was disappointed a bit because I felt that the dark and light part was not given a greater part of the story. I wanted to know more about it. I was also hoping for a little bit of action. Seeing Gabriella actually use those fighting skills she been training for since she was a kid.  I would definitely recommend this book for a mature reader.  Now we wait anxiously for book two.

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