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Renhala Giveaway and Character Interview


Interview with Ladimer, of Renhala

 In preparing for the interview, I take one last look at myself in the mirror, fixing one seemingly unruly piece of hair on my head. Everything has to be perfect… After all, this interview is with LADIMER, a “giver!” How often does one get to meet someone that can control all body data with the touch of a hand! Life, death, the size of your ears! And I’ve also heard he’s quite the looker. OMG, I’m nervous. I wonder if he’ll bring like a whole entourage with him. OMG, it’s almost time!
*Knock at the door*

Yes, come on in! (in my best sing-song voice, trying to cover my ever-increasing anxiety in hopes I don’t vomit all over him).
A young boy enters—on a skateboard—and not who I expected. He looks about eight years old and is dressed in extremely baggy, torn jeans and a plain black t-shirt. “Hey.”

Hey? I look behind him, waiting for any others. Um, are you with Ladimer?
“Yeah.” He flicks his shaggy blond hair to the side and steps on his board, flicking it up into his hands. He takes a seat in the special hot seat: the one with the extra special, squishy, butt-warming pillow cushion—the one for SPECIAL guests.

How ‘bout I give you another chair. This one is for our main attraction. I grab a folding chair and he doesn’t look so enthused as I offer it to him, but he still sits in it, with a loud “humph.” Is Ladimer here, yet?

Well all right then. Let me just go over my notes while you wait quietly. Thanks. I look down at my notepad and begin drawing swirlies and hearts around my interview questions as the clock ticks loudly. As I fumble with my papers, looking at the clock, I cut myself with not just one, but two pieces of paper, simultaneously. Damn!
“Here, let me help you with that.” But this voice is not skaterboy’s. It’s adult, and SEXY. It’s HIM.

I look up, and my jaw drops as he lays one hand over, then onto, my cut. How? Ladimer? He has transformed into a gorgeous man with  short silky blond hair and a flawlessly perfect face. His perfect chest conforms to the tight shirt. A warming sensation that starts at my cut slowly travels elsewhere to unmentionable places on my body. I look into his big brown eyes and giggle to myself, then snort. I immediately cover my mouth and my cheeks redden like cherries.

He lifts his hand and my skin is totally healed, leaving behind no trace of a cut whatsoever.
 “Just imagine what two hands could do.” He sits back in his chair and simply stares at me. “I suppose you have questions for me? I haven’t much time.”

Uh, yes. Yeah, right here. I suddenly drop all my papers to the floor. I’m such a clutz. Sorry. I pick them up and notice he has moved his chair closer to me. OMG. Yes, first question for you: Where were you born and how old are you?
*laughing* “Well, I was born in my family’s castle on our family’s island, in Renhala, and let’s just say I’m old enough to know how you’re feeling around me right now.” He smiles, mischievously.

I swallow hard, gathering the courage to continue on with my interview questions, but only end up sweating profusely. He’s staring at me, still smiling. I quickly glance at my questions and suddenly I know I have to hit a sore spot to divert my anxiety. Okay, question two: “What’s up with you and Kailey?”
Suddenly his left eyebrow rises and I see a small shift in his smirk. “I make you that nervous?”

Yes. Now answer my question, please.
“Fine.” His whole demeanor changes as he begins talking. “Kailey and I . . . have a special thing.” He looks out the window, in an almost forlorn manner. “Our relationship is complicated, but it doesn’t mean I love her any less.” He breathes in deeply, then suddenly looks me straight in the eyes and says, in almost a whisper, “I love her like an ocean loves the sunrise; never touching, but appearing as so, and respecting that I am beautiful only because of her reflection.” His eyes are locked on mine.

Holy shit. OOPS, sorry! I just said that out loud, right? That’s . . . beautiful, Ladimer.
He sits up straight. “It’s the truth. I recognize beauty when I see it.” Before I can even move, and as he reaches toward me with those godforsaken hands, I shiver. His hand lands on my shoulder and suddenly I notice that my hair falling down from my shoulders is an entirely different color—my natural color, and the one I haven’t worn in years, because I was too afraid to see my whole head this color.

How on Earth? I look at my reflection in a mirror on the wall. Oooh.
He gets up and walks toward the door. “Even a weed needs sunshine once in awhile.”

I’m still enthralled with the new me and can’t take my eyes off the mirror. Wow, my hair . . . Hey?!? Wait! A weed?!? I hear a skateboard ride down the sidewalk. Guess the interview is over. I’m keeping the hair.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, a few days prior to watching her first movie, at a drive-in theater. Yes, drive-in theater. And yes, her mother believed she was possessed by the devil after said first movie.

Grew up in the Chicagoland area and graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, where she simply became a number, but decided it was a good number.

Loves cooking (mostly candy-cooking), gardening (putting holes in the ground for perennials, DONE!), designing and constructing jewelry (everything from silversmithing to lampworking), and living with her wonderful husband, two children, black Labrador, and frog—and maybe even the chipmunk family that likes to destroy her aforementioned perennials.

Also hopes that you enjoy her writings, and won’t criticize her for her aversion of eating things in multiples of three.

Renhala is an adult book.  All ebook entries should be atleast 17 years or older...

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