Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fatal Retribution

Fatal Retribution
Author: Diana Graves
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)
4 out of 5 Stars


Someone is selling vampirism on the streets of Seattle as a miracle cure to the desperate and dying.
Why is that bad? Because baby vamps are uncontrollable things, more monster than man, and dumber than rocks. They’re capable of slaughtering their entire family, or running out into the sun because it’s shiny. When one such vampire stumbles across campers in the thick forest of Mount Rainer, Raina Kirkland and her siblings must fight the mindless feign until dawn. Raina and two of her brothers become infected, but only she remains, for lack of a better word, human.

With Raina’s family torn apart by tragedy and secrets, the young witch finds solace in the hunt for the man behind it all. But, she is not alone. She is aided by Sherriff Mato, a Native American vampire from the once hidden mountain town, Darkness. Her relentless pursuit for the truth about her past and revenge for her brother’s lost humanity will pin her up against a sadistic master vampire, a spiteful detective, a demon, and a coldblooded tyrant of legendary proportions.

My Review

What a unique fantasy story with so many unhuman creatures.  I really enjoyed this story due to the fact that you never know what Rania is getting herself into.  This girls drama never stops, and for a 22 year old she has got some major issues bearing down on her shoulders.  Coming from a family where both of the parents are so self centered, Rania depends on her brothers for the fulfillment of love.  In this world, vampires, elves, witches, demons and other unhuman beings are a part of life.  Rania and her brothers are a mix of elf and witch but their father is human.  So that means mom carries all the unhuman genes.  When Rania and her siblings are attacked by a vampire during a camping trip, Rania and her 2 brothers are now turned to vampires.  Unfortunately for Rania, she doesn't turn normally, actually she doesn't turn at all.  She becomes a living vampire.  Something so uncommon that the vampire families all want her to join them.  Becoming a living vampire means there is something else to Rania, but her mother who is the key to the answer is not so forthcoming.  Rania helps the sheriff of the town of Darkness to try to stop the spread of vampire blood being handed out on the streets.  During this pursuit of justices, Rania will find that she has more power than she knows and that just might hurt the fragile relationship she has with her family.  If you enjoy a good adventure with mystery, romance and action then you will definitely enjoy this series. 

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