Sunday, November 25, 2012

Breaking Dawn Movie

Breaking Dawn

I had to post my thoughts on this only because I have never written a review of any Twilight book or movie.  Twilight has such a huge fan following that I felt my review was unnecessary.  Now I saw the movie this weekend, finally.  I delayed as long as possible only because lets face it, I hate sitting in a crowed theatre, bumping elbows and listening to the screams of seeing Robert or Taylor with no shirt on.  Yea, I sound old :)  Within the first 5 minutes of BD#2 I knew I would be let down.  Just from changing that first scene where Bella wakes up as a vampire and Edward was the only one there completely disappointed me.  It only got worse from there.   I understand that BD is such a large detailed book that it would be impossible to put every little detail into the movie but for me this one had huge holes.  Bella had the same expression throughout the whole movie, um hello did we stop acting for the last one?  The new vampires were fantastic.  They did a great job of casting.  I only wish that part wasn't as rushed. The digitally created Renesmee was stupid, plain and simple.  Maybe they saved money by not using a real person but what a turn off.  Now the ending which seemed to come very quickly was awesome.  That was the best part of the whole movie.  What a blind side.  No spoiler here but the ending made the movie.  So there is my rant, if someone told me it was bad I still would have gone.  Will I buy the movie on DVD, of course.  Will I watch it again after I buy it, yes.  Will I go back to the theatre and see it again?  No, I'm not that crazy. 

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