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The Tragedy of Knowledge

The Tragedy of Knowledge (The Resistance Trilogy, #3)
The Tragedy of Knowledge (The Resistance Trilogy #3)
Author: Rachael Wade
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)
4 out of 5 Stars

Coming October 25, 2012!


The Battle Comes Home.
After arranging a hopeful but risky alliance during their visit to the Amaranthian realm, Camille, Gavin, and the resistance don’t have much time to recover from their failed mission. Forced to create a new strategy to achieve their goal, they embark on a different mission—one that possibly holds the missing key to their quest for victory, and their deadliest one yet.

As they attempt round two to restore peace and freedom for their kind, they must rely on help from the living, the bayous, and beyond to decipher allies from enemies, good magic from bad, and whether the source claiming to lead the way to their destiny can be trusted. Racing against the clock to solve the mystery of their fate, they find the battle has come right to their doorstep, and this time, everyone must pay a price.

My Review:

When I first read Amaranth in October 2011, I was so excited to read something so original.  Rachael's trilogy is not just about your traditional vampires.  Rachael's are magical and spiritual, having deep backgrounds.  So when I read The Tragedy of Knowledge I was sad, because I knew it was ending.  This book showed us Gavin and Camille's true relationship.  I was so happy to see them finally together in The Gates, and they certainly didn't disappoint this round.  The whole time I was reading I kept saying "where's Scarlet, I know she's gonna pop out sometime that crazy b&*!@."  Yup, she showed up but I won't spoil it for you.  Obviously there is a final battle coming with Gerard, Samira and some unexpected characters as well.  I really didn't see the ending coming.  Rachael has a way with leading you up to a certain point with just enough information where her story could go either way.  I like that about her, she keeps me guessing. So here is the end of The Resistance Trilogy but I know that Rachael won't leave us for long, she has some more great stories coming.  Enjoy :)

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  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing, Amy! So glad you enjoyed the story.

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