Monday, July 2, 2012

Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf, #1)

Heart of the Wolf
Author: Terry Spear
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)
3 out of 5 Rating


Their forbidden love may get them both killed.
Bella is a red werewolf, sole survivor of the fire that killed her entire pack.
Devlyn is a beta male werewolf in a pack of grays.
Forced to flee her adopted gray pack when the alpha male becomes a vicious threat, she struggles to live as a lone wolf, until Devlyn, the gray male who rescued her as a pup, comes to bring her home.
When a local red werewolf goes on a killing spree, Bella and Devlyn must flee the murderer, the police and their vengeful pack leader. With the full moon rising, and her heat upon her, Bella can't resist the pull to her destined mate, even if means Devlyn will have to face the wicked alpha male in a fight to the death...

This story is about Bella, a red wolf who was rescued and adopted into another wolf pack.  The story starts when Bella is a older character giving some background information in bits and pieces throughout the book.  Bella runs away from the wolf pack that has raised her because of Volan, the current alpha wants her as a mate.  Bella has loved Devlyn since they were younger but won't let him fight the alpha for her.  When Bella gets captured and put in a zoo, Devlyn is sent to rescue her.  He realizes when he finds her that he wants her as a mate and will fight Volan for her.  In the mist of the love triangle, Bella has captured the attention of a red wolf pack in her town.  Three of the wolves, including the current alpha of the red pack now want Bella as well.  A red wolf in the town has been killing women in hopes to turn them for a mate, and now has captured the attention of the town and the police.  Bella and Devlyn work to find who the killers are and stop them before the wolves are discovered by humans.  I like the characters and the natural instincts that were created in this book.  I just didn't find the story all that appealing to me.  I think if the story started about Bella being rescued and growing up in the pack, I might have enjoyed the story more.  I just found that as I read I really didn't get to know Bella, Devlyn or Volan all that well from this story. 

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