Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Deceived (Gwen Sparks, #2)Deceived
Author: Stephanie Nelson
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)


The vampire drug, brew, nearly ruined Gwen Sparks’ life. Just when things started to get back to normal between her and Aiden, she is summoned by the North American Witches Council to their central city of Moon. A war is imminent between vampires and witches, and Gwen’s experiences with brew are being used to fuel the fire. She is about to discover just how powerful she is with the help of the ruggedly handsome Angel of Death and just how far some people will go to get what they want. Gwen is going to learn exactly what it means to be Deceived.

This is the second book of the Gwen Sparks series.  Gwen is now at the Witches Council and has no choice but to help by being their secret weapon against the vampires.  Gwen doesn't want to go to war but if she turns her back on her own kind, she will become an outcast with no protection.  Gwen believes with Aiden on her side that she can figure out a way to solve the "brew" problem without war against the vampires.  Dorian, the Angel of Death, has been tasked with teaching Gwen to use her spirit walker side.  Gwen feels a strong connection with Dorian but wants to remain loyal to Aiden.  Aiden will use his own sire, Aaron, to break her bond with Ian but the cost is high for Gwen.  She must let all of the vampire council drink her blood.  In the end when a plan is set to kill Ian and break the bond, the truth comes out who is good and who is bad.  This book drops a big bomb on Gwen and I think will change her for the rest of the series.  I didn't like that Gwen is constantly fighting with everyone in this book and never really embraces her spirit walker side until she is forced to.  I really do like the series and will continue to read them.

Rating 4 out of 5       

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