Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shaken (Mind Reader Series)

Author: Susan Hatler
YA Book
(Amy’s Review)

High school junior, Kylie Bates, can suddenly read minds. When she touches people’s hands, she’s able to see their deepest thoughts. As if that’s not freaky enough, her dad sends her to help hottie detective, Sam Williams, track down a missing girl. Way too much pressure, especially for a girl who can’t watch Scream without getting nightmares.  Then, finding the missing girl leads to much more than Kylie’s prepared for. Like discovering that her dad has been lying to her. That she has a family she never knew about. That the girls have powers similar to hers. Oh yeah, and that someone is out to get her.  When the detective’s teenage wanna-be-cop cousin, Trip Williams, approaches Kylie at school insisting she help him solve the case, she discovers Trip might be the only one she can trust, and the only one to help her unravel the secrets behind her mysterious gift.

This book was very cute and very well written.  It is a book for all ages, not just young adults.  This story is about Kylie who thinks she is a normal teenager living with her dad.  Kylie finds out she has mind reading abilities one day when a stranger comes knocking at her door.  This is where Kylie’s adventure begins.  Kylie is asked to work with the local police and assistant detective Trip, on finding Amanda, a kidnapping victim by using her abilities.  Kylie not only helps find Amanda but also finds long lost relatives she had no idea she had.  While working with the police to catch the kidnappers, Kylie realizes she really likes Trip but doesn’t know if the feelings are mutual.  When Kylie comes face to face with the man behind the kidnappings, her world is turned upside down finding out that not only is that man her real dad but he has been looking for her.  In this first book, the story is about Kylie getting her abilities and finding out about the kidnapping.  You don’t find out too much information about her mother and where these abilities come from or why her mother ran away from her real father.  This book leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions.  I am hoping that you find out more in the next book.  I will definitely continue to read.
Rating 4 out of 5   

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