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The Sands of Time (The Witching Pen Novellas #2)

The Sands Of Time (The Witching Pen Novellas, #2)
The Sands of Time
Author: Dianna Hardy
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)


Seven days ago, Elizabeth May tried to commit suicide. She was found by Paul, her husband, who took her under his wing and back to their home. But the attempted suicide is not Elizabeth's main problem -- Elizabeth can't remember who she is, or a single thing about her life beyond the past week.  Plagued by nightmares about a familiar black panther, and a terrifying snow leopard, she is convinced that the dreams are trying to show her something important, and is determined to regain her memories, one way or another.  Meanwhile, Pueblo -- the demon blood-bonded to the witch, Amy -- is going insane trying to find her. Amy disappeared one week ago, and it seems not even their bond is strong enough to penetrate whatever magic hides her.  As Pueblo enlists the help of angels and demons alike, Elizabeth begins to piece together parts of her forgotten life. But what she uncovers may just have her wanting to turn away from who she really is ... for good.

In book two, we pick up with everyone still trying to find Amy.  Poor Pueblo, you’re heart just goes out for him.  In an effort to find answers to where Amy is, they travel to a demon world to find the Brujii demon, Queen Katarra.  Elena finds out that there is always a price for help with demons.  Since Amy’s memory has been wiped she is desperately trying to remember not only who she is but why she keeps dreaming of a panther.  She knows something is missing, but will have to rely on a stranger to give her answers. During a dream meeting with Pueblo, Amy discovers she’s not just a witch, but a shapeshifter as well.  When Amy is rescued by Pueblo, she finds out that there is a lot more to Etienne than she knew.
 Mary, Mary, Mary… she is that character that you just can’t figure her out but love her spunk.  When Mary becomes the blame for several murders and is put in jail, Gwain is the only one that can help keep her from going crazy because of her dreams.   With everyone focused on saving Amy, Mary is taken into another dimension and Gwain is the only one who can save her. 
This book was better than the first for me.  I just love the camaraderie between the characters and Dianna adds so much mystery and excitement in her book that just gets you hooked.  I am very excited for the next one.
Rating 5 out of 5

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