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The Gathering (Night Breeds #2)

The Gathering (Night Breeds, #2)

The Gathering (Night Breeds #2)
Author: Lily Graison
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)


Rayna Ford didn’t believe in monsters, until she became one herself. As a newly turned werewolf awaiting her first shift, Rayna puts all her trust in Garrett Kincaid, the man who accidentally infected her and changed her life forever. But when old enemies resurface and take her from the one man who vowed to protect her, Rayna must face her fears alone.  The Collective, the Breed leaders of all the preternatural species, haven’t abandoned the dream of announcing their presence to the world and they still want Rayna to be the one who integrate them into human society. Her only chance at survival is to reveal the secret the breed leaders want her to show the world, but in doing so, she may alienate the very creatures she wants to protect and endanger her own life in the process.

I was very pleased with the way this story ended about Rayna and Garrett.  I'm sure their adventures will continue and hope we will hear about them in future writings.  As this is the second book for Night Breeds, it picks up with Rayna still haven't had her first shift yet when the awful Carmen returns and stirs the pot yet again.  Now wanting to fight Rayna for the position of Alpha female and mate to Garrett, the only option given to Rayna is to leave or be Garrett's mistress.  During a weak moment for Rayna she is kidnapped by the oh so delicious Sabriel.  With the plans still in motion to out the supernatural creatures using Rayna to out them, Rayna will have to keep her wolf at bay to keep their secret.  Victor, the Breed leader of the werewolves has plans to make her wolf come whether she wants to or not.  Garrett will need the help of old friends and new ones to save Rayna from Victor and Carmen.  During the reveal Rayna has to battle Carmen herself, and I was pleased to see Rayna a lot stronger than she realizes.  The end leaves this question of Rayna and Sabriel, there is something there but we never find out the answer.  I can only hope in future books we get some answers about him.

Rating 4 out of 5 

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