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Blood Law (Blood Moon Rising Trilogy #1)

Blood Law (Blood Moon  Rising Trilogy, #1)
Blood Law
Author: Karin Tabke
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)


For all eternity, only one thing shall separate them—until the Blood Law is avenged…The coming of the Blood Moon will lead two Lycan packs into war, spur two rival brothers into conflict, and spark an act of vengeance so evil that its effects will be felt for generations. One woman stands at the center of it all.  As undisputed Alpha, Rafael must choose a life mate to preserve the dominance of his Lycan pack. He never suspected, his mate would be a human, the same wounded, girl-woman he seduces from the brink of death. Falon is a dangerous combination of Lycan and Slayer—beings bred to destroy his kind. Even more, she’s a mesmerizing beauty whose sensuality tempts the seasoned warrior to take unnecessary risks. The primal heat between them is irresistible, yet surrendering to it could destroy them both…for a vengeful foe stands ready in the shadows to fulfill what is rightfully his by Blood Law.

Falon always knew she was different but didn't know why.  Having grown up in the foster care system she was no stranger to abuse and poverty.  As an adult Falon got away from that life and was determined to make her life her own and choose her fate.  Fate was waiting for her in Mr. D's deli.  On her weekly trip to Mr. D's for her 5 finger discount, fate stepped in in the form of 2 slayers.  Believing that Falon was the chosen one that they have been waiting for, Falon wanted nothing to do with it.  When destiny brought Rafael to save her that night her life changed forever.  Falon finding herself mated to an Alpha werewolf, and a prisoner to Rafael's pack, she desperately wants to find out what's so special about herself.  Falon finds herself caught in between a Blood Law between 2 brothers where her life would be given to end the feud.  Rafael soon finds that he can't give Falon over that easily and must find a way to save her from his brother Luc.  Falon finds herself with Rafael's pack, she is a werewolf too, but with a whole lot more power.  When the counsel finds that she is too important to allow Luc to kill her, they agree to settle the feud by giving Falon to Luc to become his mate.  This book is the perfect description of what you would imagine an actual werewolf pack would be.  It has some steamy scenes and intense action.  It was a great read and I am excited to continue with the next book.

Rating 5 out of 5    

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