Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prophecy: Child of Light

Prophecy: Child of Light (Vampires Realm, #1)Prophecy: Child of Light (Vampire Realm #1)
Author: Felicity Heaton
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)

A vampire unlike any other, Prophecy lives life in the dark until the night she encounters Valentine, a gorgeous vampire who is both her enemy and the man who will change her life forever.
Convinced that the prophecy about her is wrong and unable to ignore the vision of them that he saw in her blood, Valentine goes against his orders to execute Prophecy and kidnaps her instead. The attraction between them grows as they search for the truth behind the prophecy, battle a dark evil that threatens to destroy the world, and attempt to evade their families and the Law Keepers. When the truth about her is revealed, will Prophecy be strong enough to face it? Will they discover a way to save the world from Hell? And will they finally see past the hatred bred into them by their families and surrender to their love?

Prophecy has lived inside her vampire home her entire life without ever stepping outside the front gate. She has no idea of what life is like outside of her home besides what she has seen on TV. Her vampire family tells her it's because they want to keep her safe. What Prophecy doesn't know is that she is the long awaited Prophecy for the vampires, one that is supposed to destroy her entire race. When Prophecy decides one night to sneak outside the walls of her home to feed on a human, she meets Valentine. Valentine is a vampire from a rival family. When Valentine finds out who Prophecy is by biting her, Valentine has to tell his family what he has found. Valentine didn't count on his vampire leader to have him kill Prophecy. When Valentine decides to kidnap Prophecy and try to help her, it is the beginning of an adventure for her. One that will not only help her find out who she really is but what she has to do. This story is a long one but a good one. You can't help but feel for Prophecy in this story, she is like a child, just getting to see the world for the first time but she is in her 20s. Felicity has created this vampire story with the vampire families living in different "Houses". They are all rival Houses. This story has vampire, witches and werewolves all with different pasts. There is action throughout the story, and the story with Prophecy keeps you reading just so you can find out the mystery about her.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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