Saturday, April 28, 2012

Primal Heat: Donna Grant

Primal Heat (Bite Me!)Primal Heat (Novella)
Author: Donna Grant
Adult Book
(Amy's Review)

Being an American in Britain isn't easy. For Krista, its downright hard especially when she's plagued by erotic dreams that increase as Halloween approaches. So when she's given a dare by her co-workers to pluck a rose from the most haunted house in Cardiff, she agrees never thinking it would be more than a scare tactic.  As a Time Agent, all Orrin wants to do is capture the Weres before they feed off the people of Cardiff, but when he lands on Earth and discovers the woman he's been sharing dreams with is there, he can't help but find her. All he planned to do was talk, but the lust that flared between them left no room for talking.  But the Weres have come for more than food. They've come for Krista, to claim her as the mate to their leader. To resist their seduction is futile. Unless a Time Agent is involved.

Short stories are not my favorite because I just don't get enough before they end.  This story was different, werewolves on a spaceship from another planet with aliens hunting them hmmm....definately different.  The character descriptions were good but you just wanted to know more about the others.  Krista's character was complex.  I believed she was older but was put in a situation where she was dared to do something and acted like she was 12. All in all it was a good story but would be nice if it were longer.

Rating 3 out of 5

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